CYCA Spring Series Start

Did you know that we take requests?  If you’re racing you can notify us (for free)  If we’re available and near by during your event,  we’ll raise our flag and grab some shots of you and your crew.
Just like Solveig II did for the start of the CYCA Spring Series.  If you were racing during the CYCA Spring Series yesterday – we may have spotted you.
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Start of the Sydney to Gold Coast

Saturday 29th was a beautiful sunny day, an absolute picture perfect day for the start of the Land Rover CYCA Sydney to Gold Coast Yacht Race – well besides the light winds.    We loaded up our boat with camera gear and waited by the large tanker in the middle of the harbour for the start of the race.  Once the yachts were racing, it was of no surprise that Wild Oats XI was the first out of the heads.  We traveled to the open sea with the fleet grabbing shots along the way.

Overall we managed to capture 238 images over 51 yachts, did we spot you and your crew?  Find out below.

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Welcome to Spot-A-Yacht 2.0, a new platform that we feel is better suited to what we do.   We’ve taken this opportunity to re-catalogue our database to offer you guys better value for money, as we now group your photos by day – which gives you the option to buy single images or save with the days bundle.  This is a similar business model to anyone who has ever purchased marathon photos.

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