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Afloat, The Spirit of Australia’s Waterways & Spot-A-Yacht

by Benjamin Williams in Cronulla on July 10, 2018

Well well, look who’s on the cover of Afloat this month… Vertigo taking on a 30-knot bullet during the J24 Cronulla Midwinter Championships. I thought this might be a great opportunity to share with you the covers we’ve attributed to both past and present (and with little bit of background on each).

This months cover was captured during the last race of the two-day regatta. The conditions were challenging for the J24 fleet with strong 25-30 knots southwesterly winds, and large swell smashing the bay.

July Edition 2018

The fleet was made up of fourteen J24’s in which Vertigo was one of only four brave enough to fly their spinnaker in the challenging conditions.  It was obviously a tactic that worked as they placed third overall for the entirety of the Regatta.

We’ve been a proud supporter of this Southern J24 fleet over the last two years, covering not only the J24 states but their local Regatta’s and national competitions as well.  We’ve managed to secure three covers of the J24 events for Afloat during this period as you can see below. 

We’ve had one of our photos taken from the decks of Pilgrim Sailing grace the covers of Afloat, this photo was taken during a delivery from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast – it was my first ocean passage of this kind. The journey took just under four days with favourable wind conditions the entire way, however Cyclone Debbie left the sea state in a bit of a mess as she traveled south towards New Zealand. We managed to hold onto a solid 7-12 knots COG throughout the delivery (it was imperative we didn’t drop below 7 knots to make our delivery target!)  it eventually started to brighten up as we headed past Cape Byron and into the Sunshine State.

Last but not least was the cover of Sassy skippered by Lyn Evans during the Balmain Regatta last year, it was one of my favourites from the event, it was a nice capture of Sassy racing in the foreground of one Australia’s well-known icons, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We love gracing the cover of Afloat, and we hope to share more covers in future editions. To find out how we can cover (pun intended) your next event get in touch with me today.

Until next time, see you on the water.
Benjamin Williams