My photo was rejected, why?

When reviewing images we are looking for a few criteria to make sure our buyers get the best product available.  We look for clarity of image, resolution of image, straight horizons (unless its adding some artistic expression). and crop.  If you’re image has been rejected please review these criteria.

Your image may have also been rejected due to cataloging issues.

What should my product title be?

To make it easy for skippers and crew to find your photos, its best that you title your product with a date, sail number (if available) and boat name.  Without a boat name or sail number your product will be rejected.

What size should my thumbnails be?

Thumbnails should be no larger than 800kbs and of a decent enough size to show the potential buyer some of the finer details.  We recommend watermarking your thumbnail with as well as your store name.

What size should my downloadable image be?

Your images should be between 4MB and 17MB.

What formats should I save my images?

Your images should be saved as JPG

What are the commissions?

Its your work and your pride, for this reason we only take a small commission of 15% per order.  This covers the running of the business, the servers and promotional advertising to sell your work.

How are commissions paid?

We pay all commissions via PayPal.

Do you recommend any price guidance?

We generally sell our photos for $24.95 each.  We offer discounts for multiple purchase.