Photographers – SPOT-A-YACHT


Professional Yacht Photographers Wanted

SPOT-A-YACHT is an additional platform for yacht photographers to sell their photos to a growing community.


Whether you’re the in-house photographer for your local club, or an established yacht photographer looking for another platform to get your photos seen – SPOT-A-YACHT is just the platform to do the job.

We’re currently looking for photographers from all over the country to contribute to our ever-growing community.

How it Works

  • Apply to become a SPOT-A-YACHT contributor
  • Gain access to our Photographers Platform
  • Upload files to our platform
  • Price your photos to what you think they’re worth
  • Publish Your Photos
  • and Bobs Your Uncle!




  • I have my own website can I still sell photos there?
    • Think of SPOT-A-YACHT as an additional tool to drive eyeballs to your photos to help get those photos in the hands of the crew and skippers.
  • How will I know if I get a sale?
    • You have access to a photographers dashboard which provides you with all the stats for your photographs, including sales.
  • How do I get paid?
    • We can either pay via bank transfer or PayPal, our preferred method of choice is PayPal.
  • How much commission do you make?
    • That’s a great question and an important one.  As photographers who contribute to the platform ourselves, we know how important the work is to you as an artist, for this reason, we only take a small commission of 15%.
  • If I decide to leave your platform what happens to my photos?
    • With a click of a button, all photos uploaded by your account can be removed within seconds, if you leave your work leaves with you.




Apply to become a SPOT-A-YACHT contributor

  • Accepted file types: jpg.